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Who else but me is now convinced that Mazume is end game?

i keep trying to figure out why things are happening so freaking fast, but i think hirunaka no ryuusei is getting ready to end, like incredibly sooner than i’d originally anticipated.


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❀ about me. ❀



name: Hanifah
age: 21
birthday: November 23rd
zodiac: Sagittarius
single or taken: Single 
height: 5’5
eye color: Dark Brown
middle name: Maryam
favorite color: Green
lucky number: None


hogwarts house: ?
favorite fictional character: Hiruma Youichi and Mamura Daiki
favorite television show: None
favorite season: Fall/Autumn
describe yourself in a few words: Weird, blunt, bossy
meaning of your name: "True and Upright"
ultimate otp: Goku/Chi-Chi (and Mamura/Suzume and Sasuke/Hinata)
what do you plan to/do for a living: Teach (maybe), be a housewife
Starbucks order: None


introvert or extrovert: Introvert
dawn or dusk:
righty or lefty: Righty
coffee or tea: Tea 
rain or shine: Shine
reading or writing: Reading



One of the best scenes of Malcolm in the Middle ever.

that fucking kid took one for the team



this is important

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when you go to kill a bug and it starts flying


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kyou no kira-kun isn’t allowed to have a sensitive male lead!

Mikashi Rants: HnR Shizume vs. Mazume




I don’t have that many things to say, but if there is one thing I really want to talk about.

The freaking shipping in this manga.

Both have some very strong points. Some have some not so good points. That’s what I want to discuss. The “not so good” points of relationships in HnR. I’ll try my best to be as unbiased as possible.

My memories of what happened earlier in the series are fuzzy, as I read it back in November or something. So bear with me.

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I agree completely with the points you raised regarding Shizume. The relationship was very passionate and fast, and while it was exciting, it was those same reasons that made it hard for me to get onto that ship.

Another flaw I notice with Shizume, which Mamura mentioned while Suzume and Shishio were pseudo-dating, is that Suzume becomes significantly more insecure and weaker when she’s with Shishio. During that time period that they were “dating”, I started to notice their age difference and difference in maturity levels more and more. As you mentioned, their relationship revolves around their passions, and Suzume even mentions that when she thinks of him her mind is filled with lust. Similarly with Shishio, he’s especially forward with her when it’s just the two of them. 

Whether or not this is a bad thing; I can’t say, but in contrast I appreciate the fact that while Mamura liked Suzume and confessed his feelings to her twice he never acted like the “nice guy”. He never acted like his being friends with Suzume meant that he deserved to be with her and he tried to stay as her friend and kept himself from Shizume’s business as much as possible. Even though they’re dating now, he’s not trying to pursue anything physical with Suzume and is letting Suzume progress at her own pace.

I am team Mazume, and I appreciate the flaws that you pointed out for Mazume. It’s true that I found Suzume’s “confession” to be a rebound but it’s my hope that with this new development with Shishio that Suzume will begin to understand her own feeings and get closure from her first relationship. Hopefully with this she’ll be able to pursue a relationship with Mamura without the baggage of her relationship with Shishio.

I really like Aerosmith’s “Train Kept a Rollin’”

Video Game Challenge | Seven Female Characters [2/7] - Midna

    “If you are a wielder of power, as you claim… I will risk everything to deny you!”


Why the fuck is everybody being so aggressive about people shipping Sasuhina?

It’s not gonna happen. We know it. We don’t give a flying fuck

I don’t like certain pairings but I don’t go into the tags and tell people to stop shipping it ffs. This is ridiculous.


I was browsing through some of the tags I track (specifically on the tumble app for phones) and a lot of untagged posts were in the main tag. It’s weird.

Since when have posts been included in tags even when they aren’t tagged?

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