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okay, okay, so i’m in here tearing up that genis and raine just revealed they were half-elves, and genis is crying and stuff, and it’s SO MUCH SADDER IN THE ANIME. these babies don’t want to be discriminated against, and ugh! it’s sad every single time i come across a rendition of this scene!

I really wish the Tales of Symphonia OVA (or rather, anime) followed the game. I enjoyed the manga a lot more, despite it deviating too, but at least it stuck to the script a bit more (plus, it was funny as hell - and I enjoyed the extra stories, like Kratos getting upset that Lloyd tried to sneak a peek at his locket… ;_;).

I mean, it’s pretty good, but I think I would’ve liked it more if it followed the game (plus, a lot of the times, the characters acted so out-of-character and that freaking bothers me like crazy). Anyway, I’m three episodes away from finishing it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

I guess I’m still on my high from completing the game yesterday, rofl. Ah, I want to play it again. I might purchase the sequel…, but my memories of it aren’t very fond and I didn’t really like Emil and Marta too much (forgive me, to those who like the game). It just didn’t meet my expectations. Still…, I may buy it again, despite not really caring for the game as much as the first.

Mazume sketch break from my Mazume drawing I just can’t finish.. “OTL I did this last night and it took longer than it should have.. They kinda look older here, especially Suzume.

Sorry (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)




♫ Full Force 

Playing Tales of Symphonia with my sister [she plays Lloyd I play Kratos] and she just starts doing … that.

oh snap, there’s no more colloyd things to reblog/queue. ugh.

that means i have to contribute to this ship (otp: dorks)!


笑って、ロイド | ぽわる

Feels. Feels. Feels. ;__;

Text says: “Thank you.” 

The most heart-breaking thing about this scene was that she couldn’t feel anything. ;_;


Colette x Lloyd is one of my OTPs.”

- anonymous

Absolutely, yes.

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3.) Nose kiss

Lloyd meant to kiss her on the lips. He did. He’d thought about it all morning, as he’d gotten dressed and ran out to meet her at the edge of Iselia Forest. He’d thought about it as they walked beneath the canopy of trees, the comforting smell of damp leaves and soft earth around them, her hand in his. He was going to kiss her on the lips, today was going to be the day, and when they’d taken a break to rest on a fallen log, he’d decided that the moment was now.

But when he’d leaned over, somehow he misjudged the distance and height difference between them, and his lips landed on her nose instead of on her lips. Lloyd jolted back, staring at her in wide-eyed embarrassment, but while Colette looked at him in surprise for a moment, she quickly broke down into giggles poorly muffled by her hand.

And while Lloyd wondered for a half-second whether or not he should feel even more embarrassed since she was laughing at him, a half-second later he was laughing right along with her.

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I really ship this. It was my OTP for quite a while, and I still think of it as my Symphonia OTP.

They went through so much for each other, and they function the way they are as the people they are because of the strength and support they have given each other. Colette was able to save the world because of Lloyd, and Lloyd was able to save the world because of Colette. They make each other happy, blissfully happy, and they inspire each other. They give each other bravery. They fight for each other, not because they love each other, but because no matter what else happens they want each other to be happy. They struggle to be apart, but have nothing but hope for each other in absentia. The bond between them has literally changed the world they live in, and they have saved countless lives and rescued the hearts of their friends through their mutual strength of character. They’re both lovely, charming people, who only feel free and easy when they’re around each other being free. They both would be and have been emotionally broken without the strength of the other. Colette and Lloyd are best friends, but they’re also far more than that. They have a love story for the ages.

"Sena did you get taller...?"

Lloyd x Colette - Tales of Symphonia


so remember that time scott menville exiled scott menville?


(edit: okay so i didn’t realize the moustache would make it look like he’s the mayor and i don’t want to mislead anyone so to clarify, he voiced the random villager who says that line xDDD;; it was just supposed to be a shitty disguise moustache apologies)