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supposed to be mamura

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Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.


endless list of otps - james ‘sawyer’ ford + juliet burke

favorite sawyer/juliet moments (1/?)

"The words I couldn’t say-"

"The feelings that I couldn’t accept-"

Yeah, but what about “the hands that didn’t touch” from Ch. 71? You purposely omitted that to give us a scare, huh, Yamamori-sensei? ;D I have faith in you to deliver! Mazume will be endgame. And seriously, if it’s not, let’s ship it anyway, because I know I am.

— Anonymous wondered: No Mazume ending? :(


I haven’t read the chapter yet and I know there’s summary out there, but according to the people I follow, it seems like HnR is really pushing the love triangle until the end.

Judging from the skimming I’ve done, it seems that Shishio let everything drop about his feelings (which I fully expected) but with one chapter to go, I still have conviction that Mazume is going to happen. Just because everything is out in the open, a story that neglects to tidy up issues that were heavily featured in it’s story and seeks to solve everything with a confession to bring back a couple seems way too deux ex machina. If I could pick up on this lazy storytelling, I’m sure sensei herself knows it too. So, I’m trusting her to bring her story home for the last chapter. I’ll delve more into our commentary once I read/ translate it. 

Mika-san is a REALLY incredible writer; we know that · we’ve seen it from her subtle writing and her foreshadowing and the way she manages to keep people on their ttoes · that even with a chapter to go no one is QUITE sure where the pieces are going to fall · she’s good · but if she goes for a Shizume ending then it IS really lazy · if she goes for Shizume she should have been working to tidy up ends before this · thus I can’t SEE it going there · and if it does I’m going to be really disappointed - not in the ship but in her writing · also there seems to be a lot of focus and attention still being paid to Mamura and his feelings soooo · idk man · I’m here for a Mazume ending til the end



For the last time, if Mazume is endgame, it won’t be because Yamamori-sensei was influenced by her goddamn editor, or publisher, or fans, or whatever fuck else people keep conjuring up. Yes, that’s right. I said “conjuring up,” as in, it’s made up, as in, there are no fucking facts to back this up.

It would be endgame, because that’s the fucking ending Yamamori-sensei chose. Because in case people forgot, she already knew how she wanted to end this manga a long time ago.

Seriously, quit with this stupid, invalidating rhino shit.

Ship and let ship.


protect Yachi at all costs


omg i hate how photosets work i’m jealous of pixiv and their clean photo stacks lol………

Five episodes in Chihayafuru and I like it so far. Got really teary-eyed at some parts (don’t judge me, I’m an emotional child), but I refused to cry. lmao. I love the characters, especially Chihaya! Girl don’t no nonsense, not even from her friends. :> Already feeling bad for Taichi, cuz let’s be real, he is not gonna end up with his love interest.

But at least this love triangle isn’t ALL bad. They’re all friends, for one. And the boys, from my understanding of their childhood together, don’t let the other get away with treating Chihaya bad. <3 Let’s see your feelings Arata!

don’t cry. don’t cry. dangnabit, i said DON’T CRY!

I’ve never even played Bayonetta (but I know the guy’s talking about Nintendo), but why the fuck are they harassing this man over a fucking video game?